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A Step Beyond Building Regulations Guidance. Construction Specifications for House Extensions, New Builds, Flat Conversions, Loft & Garage Conversions.
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Building Regulations Specification on CAD Drawing

Mobile Browsers (Webkit 3.1 on touch-screen Android phone)

Whilst creating a Building Regulations Specification on a mobile phone may not appear to represent the most ideal and professional work situation (please see note below**), MyBuildingSpec performed successfully when used on a touch-screen mobile Smartphone.

We tested on an Android phone with Webkit 3.1 browser and found that it functioned very smoothly and we achieved creation and editing of a Note-List which was then pasted into an email.

Once the Note-List is finished, guidelines for copy and paste into an email are as follows:

  • Click the Note-List textarea. The textarea is then highlighted with a thin green border.
  • Touch-hold the Note-List textarea until the 'Edit Text' menu appears.
  • Choose 'Select All'. The text should then be highlighted in green (or orange).
  • Touch-hold the Note-List textarea again, until the 'Edit Text' menu appears.
  • This time, choose 'Copy.

To paste the copied text, eg into an email, first create a new mail message, then:

  • Touch-hold the email message area until the 'Edit Text' menu appears.
  • Select 'Paste' from the menu.
  • Your Note-List should appear in your email.

**Note: Although this may be a convenient way to use MyBuildingSpec, we do stress the importance of checking that the correct specifications have been selected, on a full-sized monitor. As with any technology, we believe that its responsible application, is the key to its real success.

Building Specifications and Details Drawings for Construction Plans
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Building Specifications and Details Drawings for Construction Plans
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