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Quick Start Guide - The MyBuildingSpec App
Quick Start Guide

For more guidance, you can view the Quick Start Video or Further Info Guide.
Or take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions.

For UK Building Regulations Specifications see BuildingRegs4Plans
Building Regulations Extensions

Start the 'Specifications' Web App

1. There are several ways of opening the Web App, but one is to click the Specifications button on the Left-Side Panel to open the App.

[Once you have started compiling your Specification within the app, you should not leave the page until you have finished and copied the note.

To open another page without leaving the app, right-click the link and select 'Open in New Window'.]

Building Regulations House Extension Notes


Select Category

2. Once you have started the Web App, begin by selecting a Specific Category from the left-hand column within the app eg Drainage or Foundations.

It may be useful to work through the list of categories from top-to-bottom, so that you don't miss anything out.

Building Regulations Party Wall Note



Pick a Subcategory

3. Go to the second column which shows subcategories. There are usually several subcategories from which to choose. Pick the relevant one for your plans.

Party Wall Specification

Add a Note to the Specification

4. You may need to click through several choices before you reach a Building Note.

When you do reach a Buiding Specification that you need, click on the 'Add Note to Note-List' button to add that note to your Specification.

**Some notes have optional construction detail drawings (CAD & jpeg formats) for purchase. Just add them to your basket and purchase at the checkout. You can review your basket and go to the checkout at any time.

Party Wall Building Regulations Specification

The Specification / Note-List

5. Individual Building Specifications are shown in your Specification in the order in which you added them. Use the scrollbar to review the list, if you require.

If a note doesn't meet the exact requirements for your project, you can edit it with the 'Edit Notes' feature. See the Further Info Guide for additional guidance on this function.

Building Regulations for CAD title

Select and Copy into your CAD Program

6. Once you have added the notes and completed your specification, use the 'Copy Notes' button to copy the finished Specification to the clipboard.

Some browsers don't support the copy function, in which case the button will read 'Select Notes'. Click it, then manually copy the highlighted Specification by right-clicking (over the specification) and clhoosing 'Copy' from the menu.

In either case, paste the finished Building Specification into your CAD program.

House Extension Notes Menu System


Navigating through the Notes

The Navigation Bar shows the path you have taken through the subcategories.

You can use it to navigate back through subcategories.

For more guidance, see the Quick Start Video.

Adding a Timber Suspended Floor Note to a Specification

More help and guidance, including advice on advanced functions, please see the Further Info Guide.

To begin compiling your Building Specification, use the Specifications App.

Building Regulations for Extension Plans App on Laptop

Building Specifications and Details Drawings for Construction Plans
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Building Specifications and Details Drawings for Construction Plans
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